Tarmac rally all day, all night.

So I made a mistake.  I'll admit it.  When I sold my 2008 STi hatchback, I thought I was making the right decision.  But perhaps deep in my mind, I knew I was not.  There was a time when I did enjoy the niceties of the Mazda6, but I found myself craving that connection, that speed, that sport factor that it could not give me.  So I searched for two months and found this.  I found it on NASIOC, one of the largest Subaru (if not the largest) forum boards on Earth.  It was a one owner, 62,000 mile gem.  It had been modded but in the right way.

What's new?

April 15th, 2015

Added 20% tint and all weather floor mats.  Pics coming of tint this weekend. 


April 11th, 2015